Friday, July 20, 2012

Begin the Beguine

On arrival our dear friends Gary Atkins and Rod Jellicoe met us at Heathrow and DROVE us to the front door of the hotel! But not before we had a coffee.

Now off to the V&A! The moment I had been anticipating had arrived and it was time to get started. I was greeted graciously, oriented, briefed, photographed, taken to my new home for the next 3 months and given the keys to the kingdom.

Some reading material

The Studio within the galleries Making Ceramics Room 143 is beautiful and sleek in it's design the view across the rooftops changing constantly with the rolls of storms coming through then sun then storms again. When looking into the gallery from the studio your faced with the worlds most incredible ceramic art so how amazing is this right?
I started to unpack and seeing my things in this extraordinary context was both exciting and daunting. 

Getting Centeret

Time to get to work and take the edge off so I began making some familiar old forms with the materials that were already in the studio leftover from other residents and workshops.

It's official the Secretariat Gate at the V&A

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