Thursday, July 26, 2012

A Tisket a Tasket

 One of the most exciting aspects to the residency is curating the cases that are essentially the window into the studio. Here Catrin Jones assistant curator of ceramics and glass and her intern Kate Quinlan have arrived to open the cases and help me install my own work first and then they will begin to bring the basket of goodies I selected from the collection!

My focus for the first round of objects from the collection primarily revolve around the 3 videos I will be doing on period ceramic processes. The 1st will be making a puzzle jug the 2nd on the beautiful little pectin shell agate teapot below and the third will be a hybrid of life casting from Palissy to 18th century shell pickle stands to my own use of those methods when creating contemporary art.

Here I am measuring the teapot before it goes in the case so I can get started on make a model and mold

A proud moment and the pieces are already telling a compelling story - I think my favorite is the pairing of the 18th century Liverpool delft puzzle jug (Olympic Rings included) with this fantastic Meissen covered punch bowl depicting beautifully painted scenes of William Hogarth's Midnight Modern Conversation, although the Staffordshire agate teapots - although the pectin shell example a thrown agate piece and two bisque examples all accompanied by an 8th century chinese agate cup is pretty amazing as well, also not to shabby having a lovely little piece of 16th century Palissy- or is it 19th century? And last but not least is a gorgeous little Bow pickle stand which just cheers me up! I guess I love them all the same.

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