Wednesday, August 1, 2012

The Future Looks Bright!

The V&A has such diversity within it's ranks that it can be hard to keep track of it all at first. Within a day of the cases being installed I gave a short in studio/gallery presentation to the post 1900 group of curators and directors who were all new to me save for one fabulous face front and center Glenn Adamson Head of Research and all around good guy.
Christopher Wilk Keeper of Furniture Textiles and Fashion leads the group and was generous with their time as I went into more depth than anticipated. I really want to make myself aware of the incredible resource at the museum for contemporary art and design currently there are several great exhibitions on Heatherwick Studio of now Olympic fame or flame! British Design 1948-2012 , Ballgowns, photography and the highly anticipated new Furniture Gallery up here on the 6th floor with ceramics opening in November. There are a host of exhibitions that you have to dig slightly deeper than the homepage to find but are well worth checking out at least online if not in person. Easier said than done in a place where there is so much to see as evidenced here by the number of contemporary curators alone!

Post 1900 group of curators kindly giving me their full attention as I explain the cases i have curated thus far. Too many new faces to name other than Glenn Adamson nodding knowingly front and center and I believe Christopher Wilk seated in front.

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