Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Billingsgate or Bust

One thing I had my mind set on was going to Billingsgate Fish Market for inspiration and crustaceans. As part of my work in casting from life or natural objects. This techniques is incorporated in my junk teapot series. Dragon Junk at Yale University Gallery, Octopus Junk here at the V&A and Koi Junk at Seattle Art Museum all use elements cast from natural shells and sea life. Inspired by my long time interest in Bernard Palissy and by the work I have done on the 18th century American porcelain pickle stands produced in Philadelphia by Bonnin and Morris so called 'life casting' is an art that i feel has new relevance in the 21st century. I thought i could expand my repertoire  or at least get some shrimp for the barbie.
Only one problem Billingsgate opens about 4 am and closes around 8:30 and is not easy to get to-enter my trusty friend and fellow adventurer Rod Jellicoe who is ready for anything so game on.

So I gathered a few perishables and headed back to South Kensington Rod took the scenic route which was risky considering the cargo in the back of his Volvo!

Once we made our way back to the V&A time was of the essence to try to make some molds of baby octopi and a lobster claw that I basically picked up off the floor.

BBQ master Rod Jellicoe

Executive chef Gary Atkins looking pretty pleased with Rod's technique so far!
Sunday BBQ was a fantastic finish to our Billingsgate adventure

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