Friday, August 10, 2012

Field Trip to Hampton Court

Hampton Court is known for many things, to me the name shared by the city where I was born and raised and now have my studio Hampton Virginia. My dad The Honorable Henry D Kashouty presided over the general district 'Hampton Court' for thirty years and though a man's house is his castle THE Hampton Court Palace does not refer to our humble abode but of course the incredible English treasure  Home to King William and Queen Mary who chartered my alma mater and that of my father and mother before me The College of William and Mary. So a visit to Hampton Court Palace was a must.
 Notwithstanding all the connections from across the pond of particular interest to ceramic historians are the magnificent Dutch delft flower containers designed for William and Mary by noted architect Daniel Marot which were extraordinary to see in context. And of course the V&A being the the best place ever has an exquisite 'Greek A' factory tulip pyramid on display in room 145  I can adore daily as well as the over the top delft 'milk pans' from which the clotted cream must have been even too heavenly for God.
In the last two weeks Hampton Court Palace has been the center of Olympic activity from running the flame through the garden maze to the destination for the olympic cycling events. Part of a wonderful convergence of history and making history going on all over Britain.

rob took some amazing pictures at hampton court i'll add the best link to see asap

nice jugs
nice racks (sorry)

Was lost in the great halls for a bit but finally found my niche!

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